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Michael Willinsky and David Andrew Lloyd have sold / optioned several screenplays, including deals with Fox, Permut Presentations and Franchise Pictures.   Presently, their award-winning romantic comedy is being packaged by Smart Entertainment (Blades of Glory, Anger Management).  


Willinsky & Lloyd began writing together in Fred Willard’s Comedy Troupe, where they penned such comedy sketches as Shakespeare’s Agent, Kervorkian Kingdom and L.A. Vet, which Blake (Save The Cat) Snyder gave “two paws up.”  


Realizing two brain cells are better than one, Willinsky & Lloyd collaborated on “Sin City Saint,” their first full length feature together, which won the KASA Award for “Best Comedy Screenplay.”  Since then, they have won or placed in several other writing contests, but can’t seem to nab the coveted Nobel Prize.  


Willinsky graduated from CSUN in TV/Film production, and Lloyd studied journalism and classical humor at Purdue University.  Don’t get him started on those crazy Roman satirists.


In other literary areas, Lloyd has written humor for National Lampoon (“Spartan Condom Ads”), dozens of poker satires for Cardplayer and Poker Digest, an insightful faux interview with the deceased, 100-year-old creative legend Bill Bernbach in Advertising Age, plus cartoons and a subversive Hollywood parody for The Writer’s Guild Journal (“50 Ways to Leave Your Agent”).  


Lloyd teaches the “Ultimate Screenwriting” course as an excuse to torment young minds, and offers writing advice in his column for the Filmmakers Alliance Magazine.  His book Brain Like Twain shall appear later this year, offering a writing tip a day from Mark Twain, America’s self-proclaimed fool.  


To reach Willinsky & Lloyd, simply click the contact link.   If you’re nice to them, they might even let you buy lunch.  


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